Nancy DorsnerHi, I’m Nancy.

I’m an artist and illustrator living in Atlanta Ga, USA, with a strange attraction to odd and whimsical subjects, like robots and cephalopods.

I’m also a web designer (Dabbled Studios), where I get to match my artsy side with my geeky side, and design beautiful and highly functional website.  I even designed this one… Need a website?  Stop by and say hi!

As my alter-ego Dot, I blog at Dabbled – Experiments in Art, Craft & Food. Dabbled is all about trying something new and being creative, and specializes in upcycling & recycling craft ideas. It’s the first place you’ll find my new sketches and craft designs. {Get the Dabbled RSS feed}.   Another of my side projects is the food blog, Foodwhirl.com, where we try to answer the eternal question of What’s For Dinner?”

Many of the works you see here are available as prints (you can see some here), and some originals are available as well, just email me. I do a lot of commissioned pieces—from Tshirts to Tattoos to personalized artwork—so do email me (nancy@dabbled.org) if you’d like something special.

I’m also available for illustration work, and anything else that looks fun and helps pay the bills!

Thanks for stopping by…!

Nancy photo: Grieg Wehr Photography

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